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Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: AC-ADM-NL-2401A
When in the wild, keeping your things, especially spare clothing, dry can be crucial. But sometimes it is very difficult. No matter if it is raining all the time, you need to cross a river or just the humidity is huge - this is the moment when our Arid Dry Sack steps on the scene. Made of lightweigh..
7,790 Ft
Ex Tax:6,134 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: TB-BST-CD-01
Bushcraft Satchel® is our general purpose field bag. May be used as a carry-all for one-day outing, or for every day urban activities. Extremely capacious. Main chamber comprises a zippered mesh pocket for valuable items plus two elastic drawstring pockets, e.g. water bottle holders. On the outside ..
17,900 Ft
Ex Tax:14,094 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: TB-CAB-PO-01
Carryall Backup Bag is an ideal Musette Bag: you stuff there whatever did not fit inside the backpack: extra food, fire-starting gear etc. Good for shopping, hiking to a mountain chalet, or emergency carry-all stuffed in a vehicle Just In Case. Made of polyester rip-stop with a comfy, wide carrying ..
6,990 Ft
Ex Tax:5,504 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: MO-C01-CD-11
COMPETITION Rapid Carbine Pouch® is one of the main parts of the COMPETITION set. The pouch was designed to fit standard carbine/rifle magazine, including AR15 and AK47 magazines. The pouch is partially stiffened to help with re-holstering or reindexing the magazines. Front modular system made of la..
6,990 Ft
Ex Tax:5,504 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: IN-DCC-CD-11
Document Case is a medium sized insert, compatible with Versatile Insert System® (VIS). The attachment panel can be covered (when covered it wont catch on other Velcro panels). Three open pockets and one zippered inside.100% Nylon CORDURA®..
5,290 Ft
Ex Tax:4,165 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: MO-DPW-CD-34
Double Pistol Wallet® ideally protects two handguns from mechanical damage (scratching mainly), physical contact with other hard edged objects carried together. In this enlarged configuration would carry two full-sized handguns and up to three magazines. FEATURES: Carry handles, Velcro ID panel, Two..
14,400 Ft
Ex Tax:11,339 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: TB-ECS-CD-11
In an urban environment it is important to be able to carry as much equipment as possible, but at the same time keep the profile of your gear low. Our EDC Compact Shoulder Bag is a great example of this type of gear. Made of Cordura® 500D, this small bag will easily swallow most of your every-day it..
8,790 Ft
Ex Tax:6,921 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: IN-EDL-CD-11
The EDC Insert as name implies serves as an organizer for all the every day carry essentials. These are usually a knife, a light, first aid gloves, a pain-killer, something to write with, energy bar and similar items. No matter what the user deems essential to his or her EDC, our organizer would kee..
6,690 Ft
Ex Tax:5,268 Ft
Ghost® is a 30+ liter backpack, scalable and well suited for the role of tactical 3-day pack. It features main pack with two zippered compartments – first, larger, has an internal hydration sleeve and an accessory mesh pocket. Second, accessible from the back side of the pack is reinforced and will ..
59,900 Ft
Ex Tax:47,165 Ft
The HALIFAX® medium backpack is a fully mission-configurable patrol pack. It futures a large main compartment closed with YKK® #10 zippers. The interior is lined with velour fabric that allows mounting of additional pouches. The back of the interior panel is also covered with laser cut MOLLE/PALS, t..
69,900 Ft
Ex Tax:55,039 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: MO-O07-PO-01
Super lightweight, packable Pakcells® are designed to help organize and store garments and gear while packing and travelling. They can be stuffed into a backpack to have them all neatly packed and compressed. Having them in three different sizes allows to match Pakcells® to the backpack capacity wit..
8,790 Ft
Ex Tax:6,921 Ft
Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: MO-SPW-CD-12
Single Pistol Wallet® ideally protects single handgun from mechanical damage (scratching mainly),during your way onto the range. In basic configuration would carry one full-sized handgun and two magazines. FEATURES: Carry handles, Velcro ID panel, Internal fastening system to prevent weapon from shi..
10,900 Ft
Ex Tax:8,583 Ft
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