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Flours, breadcrumbs

Brand: Norbi Update Lowcarb Zrt. Model: 81026-007
Instead of the 74 gram carbohydrate content of traditional bread crumbs, Update Pan Crumbs has a carbohydrate content of only 39 grams! Instead of 1 gram of fiber, it contains 18.6 grams of Carbohydrate-Reduced Update Crumbs! It can be used not only for breading, but also for layered, stuffed food! ..
939 Ft
Ex Tax:796 Ft
Brand: Norbi Update Lowcarb Zrt. Model: 81068-001
Update Low-Carb Master Mix is a special mixture made from natural ingredients, which is added to flours in a ratio of 50-100% to reduce the carbohydrate content of various breads, pastries, desserts, sweet cakes, muffins and dry pasta. Carbohydrate reducing agent for flours. Dosage recommendatio..
1,959 Ft
Ex Tax:1,543 Ft
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