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Schmidt&Bender Stratos 2,5-13x56 FlashDot

Schmidt&Bender Stratos 2,5-13x56  FlashDot
Schmidt&Bender Stratos 2,5-13x56 FlashDot
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  • Model: Schmidt&Bender Stratos 2,5-13x56 Flash Dot
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The new 2.5-13×56 Stratos is a brand new model that surpasses all imagination. With a magnification range of 2.5-13x, it is a highly universal riflescope with an ultra-bright FlashDot illumination point in the front image plane.
As with all new models, the 2.5-13×56 Stratos is equipped with the new programmable illumination technology.

Optical pupil: 12.0mm - 4.3mm
Optical field of view: 8.66 - 26.96
Field of view: 14.2m - 2.7m
Sighting distance: 90mm
Optional field of view/click: 1cm / 100m
Maximum adjustment range: 1cm / 100m
FlashDot-lighting point: FD4 / FD7

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