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GPS Locator V1 - White/Blue
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Brand: Portwest Model: PB10WBR
The Portwest GPS Locator V1 is a low-powered wireless geolocation device is easily attachable to any safety garment or PPE to provide real-time location information about the wearer. Equipped with a long life battery and built in alert button and always ‘on’ function this device is essential for wor..
111,512 Ft
Ex Tax:87,805 Ft
RFID Asset Management Tag - Blue
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Brand: Portwest Model: RF10BLU
The RF10 is made of an ABS shell that houses the NFC chip. It is extremely durable and waterproof and comes with a silver double key ring that ensures it can be easily attached to any product...
7,604 Ft
Ex Tax:5,987 Ft
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