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Brand: Portwest Model: LJ20ORRL
100N buoyancy aid for swimmers recreation and working environments. Comfortable design allows freedom of movement while still providing buoyancy. Features include signal whistle integrated leg strap padded collar for added support to head and robust zipper with neck cords at hem.FeaturesAdjustable w..
19,802 Ft
Ex Tax:15,592 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: BT10RWR
Non adhesive barricade tape for use in cordoning off areas in industry construction events and temporally restricted areas or operations. Strong durable quality with excellent tear strength...
67,583 Ft
Ex Tax:53,215 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: CV92YER
Yellow warning safety A frame to highlight Covid-19 safety measures. These are stand up to be visible from a distance and can be easily be stored away folded.FeaturesBright compact and lightweightFoldable sign Stand up sign Made in EU..
145,304 Ft
Ex Tax:114,412 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: HV22YER
Essential safety accessory in public areas when cleaning is in progress. Printed both sides with multi language design for increased safety.FeaturesDouble side printedMultilingual..
2,735 Ft
Ex Tax:2,153 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: HV21YER
Multi language wet floor warning sign to reduce the risk of hazardous falls. Foldable design which is compact and easy to store.FeaturesDouble side printedVisual display of wet floor symbolMultilingual..
2,805 Ft
Ex Tax:2,208 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: HV10ORR
High quality compact folding warning triangle made from tough ABS plastic. The space saving foldable design makes this ideal for storing in a vehicle now a legal requirement in many countries. Suitable for use following accidents or breakdowns.FeaturesCE certifiedStandardsECE R27..
3,177 Ft
Ex Tax:2,501 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: MT50BKR
This diamond-plated hard wearing anti fatigue mat provides extraordinary comfort. Thick PVC sponge allows excellent compression whilst the PVC leather surface ensures that the product will last even under heavy conditions. All edges have a safety bevel and the diamond-plated finish reduces slip and ..
21,965 Ft
Ex Tax:17,296 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: HV03SIR
Engineered with safety at the forefront. Highly reflective material that provides instant visibility in dark and low light conditions.FeaturesCE certifiedRetail tagStandardsCE EN 13356..
26,188 Ft
Ex Tax:20,620 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: HV04YER
Quick snap technology allows easy application of this highly reflective band to your arm wrist clothing and other accessories. Perfect for ensuring visibility and safety.FeaturesCE certifiedRetail bagStandardsCE EN 13356..
33,455 Ft
Ex Tax:26,342 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: T900LGR
Compatible with most zips the Replaceable Zip Pullers are a practical accessory for any jacket. Available in a wide range of colours allowing for easy integration of corporate colours on garments. FeaturesRetail boxIdeal for corporate wear and custom finishesWide range of colours..
6,184 Ft
Ex Tax:4,869 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: SP01BKR
Cushioning shoulder pads manufactured from a highly flexible lightweight neoprene material. Designed to provide added protection and comfort to the wearer\'s shoulders. Compatible with FR93 Bizflame Ultra Coverall. FeaturesRetail bagPair..
1,521 Ft
Ex Tax:1,198 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: PW80BKRL
This high performance 8\" wide belt design offers full support to the wearer. It reinforces the spine supports the abdomen and lower back. The belt can be adjusted for added comfort and is suitable to be worn under or over clothing. Four heavy-duty bonding strips with reinforced elastic gives a grea..
5,475 Ft
Ex Tax:4,311 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: TB15BKR
The Tool Safety Holder is a patented solution designed to improve job safety and efficiency when working with hand held tools. The patented rubber grip teeth allows the user to hold up to four different tools securely while minimising the risk of dropping them...
6,421 Ft
Ex Tax:5,056 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: HV20YER
Trip slip hazard and wet floor warning sign. Double side printed. Visual display of wet floor symbol.FeaturesDouble side printedVisual display of wet floor symbol..
2,805 Ft
Ex Tax:2,208 Ft
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