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Brand: Portwest Model: PW66CLR
Outer lens for the BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet. Sold in sets of 5. Dimension: 114 x 90 mm.FeaturesCE certifiedRetail bagCertification authority: Din CERTCO Certificate number: C5467PW/R1StandardsCE EN 166 1 S..
1,217 Ft
Ex Tax:958 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: PA02WHR
Lens Cleaning Station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs. Tissues are low-lint and non-abrasive. Good for use on plastic glass and polycarbonate lenses...
5,305 Ft
Ex Tax:4,177 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: PA01WHR
The Lens Cleaning Wipes come in a handy dispenser box which is pre assembled for immediate use. Dispenser size 5”x 8” (13x20cm) and holds 100 individually packaged Lens Cleaning Wipes...
4,528 Ft
Ex Tax:3,566 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: PA13BKR
This RX is an innovative inner frame to be used on PS03 Focus Spectacle to install prescription lenses. 3 different adjustable positions allow for a perfect fit. The combination of the Focus spectacle and the RX support represent cost-effective solution for workers who need corrective glasses in add..
541 Ft
Ex Tax:426 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: PA31BKR
Protective microfibre bag that can be used for cleaning and storage...
28,317 Ft
Ex Tax:22,297 Ft
Brand: Portwest Model: PA30BKR
Elasticated cord which adjusts to wearer\'s preference. Universal holder to fit a large variety of spectacles temples...
16,288 Ft
Ex Tax:12,825 Ft
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